Wander with ravenous heart

Say thank you and please

Look up from your phone

Sit in your favorite place with nothing to do but watch a human parade

Smile at dogs and children

Learn to sniff out joy

Hold hands while crossing the street

Wish everyone a good day, even if they’re distracted, especially when they’re terse

Consider skipping instead of walking

Eat whatever tastes like love

Buy yourself flowers

Deliver surprise packages and words of kindness

Sing along to your favorite soundtrack like you’re the star of the show

Expect delight first

Follow the ripening scent

Be extravagant, outrageous, unrestrained … with each spark that yearns to flame

Call just because

Keep a sanctuary

Speak a wild dream out loud

Bless each grumpy, sad, tired face you see

Leave voice mail love notes

Pack lightly and always for adventure

Find the people who make you laugh — keep them close

Talk to yourself like you would your lover or best friend

Marvel at the light on a budding leaf, through a slate of clouds, in a stranger’s eyes

Choose the honest word

Let yourself be carried by something bigger than you

Prepare to be kissed, by sun, by rain, by softness

Have a solo dance party

Share all of you

Make coffee, make art, make peace

Beam your aliveness like a message from beyond

Praise the small, good thing