First Trip Back, Canonized

Once I held you

when there were no more words

only the spindly length of skin and bone, landscape

of defeated shoulders, limbs still

as an unplucked string, my own pressed

where I could imagine heat, seal some memory

of how we moved, unmoored, no longer

wanting, scarring, open palm

to empty fist, your low-hum

breath, my wincing sigh slivering

the winged darkness, vaulted air β€”

I forgive you.

I know.

I love you.

I know.

It’s OK.

I know.

And now, home is a changed

melody, trumpet mouth

on a disfigured dream.

Nothing to hold

but time.



5 thoughts on “First Trip Back, Canonized

  1. Such tender moments, passing between his heart and yours as his soul took flight, finally, from it’s weighed down body. As you journey back may you feel him ever beside you, softly whispering in your ear, my girl, my baby girl, I see you and what a woman you have become. I am with you, always.


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